TIES publishes “ Journal of Quantitative Economics ” twice every year. The journal covers econometric theory and applied econometrics, with special focus on quantitative applications to less developed countries.

Apart from the regular publication of journal, TIES brings out volumes of selected papers presented at its annual conferences and a volume of abstracts of all the papers presented.

Recent Publications include:

Data, Models and Policies (editors: V.Pandit, A.Sarma, T.C.A. Anant, G. Ananthapadmanabhan and K.R. Shanmugam), TIES. Rs. 100/- only
Econometric Models: Theory and Applications (editors: D.M. Nachane, Romar Correa, G. Ananthapadmanabhan and K.R. Shanmugam), Allied Publishers Rs. 100/- only
Studies on Macroeconomics and Welfare (editors: B.B.Bhattacharya and Arup Mitra), Academic Foundation Rs. 200/- only
"Theory, Measurement and Policy: Evolving themes in Quantitative Economics", Edited by V N Pandit and K R Shanmugam, Academic Foundation.
This is the collection of past Presidential Address of TIES. For Life members can be obtained from Secretary for -
Rs. 600/- only
Revealed Comparative Advantage and Gravity Model Analysis of Trade Patterns and Regional Economic Integration-Empirical Evidence in the Indian Context, by Amita Batra Rs. 495/- only


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